hotel kipping   Direct within the city of Dresden
  Direkt im Zentrum Dresdens
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Hotel Kipping
Winckelmannstrasse 6
01069 Dresden
Phone: +49 - 351 - 478 50-0
Fax: +49 - 351 - 478 50-99

[email protected]


Not only bookable on weekends!
  • Two nights with breakfast buffet
  • One sparkling wine breakfast** on a morning of your choice
  • One four-course-menu and one glas prosecco
  • One Dresden City-Card* or one large sightseeing tour by double decker bus
  • 139,50- EUR per person in a double room2  (01.01. - 31.03.; 01.11. - 30.11.)1,3
  • 149,50- EUR per person in a double room2  (01.04. - 31.10.)1
                                              (As well as 1. - 3. Advent in December)
Photos sparkling wine breakfast:

Hotel_Dresden_Hotel_Elberadweg_Dresden_Hotels_Dresden_15 Hotel_Dresden_Hotel_Elberadweg_Dresden_Hotels_Dresden_15 Hotel_Dresden_Hotel_Elberadweg_Dresden_Hotels_Dresden_15 Hotel_Dresden_Hotel_Elberadweg_Dresden_Hotels_Dresden_15

*   Two days with the Dresden City-Card the public transport in Dresden is free and
      free entry at the 12 most famous museums of the city.
** With our sparkling wine breakfast we offer you individual home made cheese, salami, ham- melon and
      smoked salmon platters and great sparkling wine.

1 Not available Easter, Ascension, Whitsuntide and New Years Eve
2 Prices for single rooms on request
3 Not available in December 1. -3. Advent

You could have a reservation online. Prices of more nights please us the contact-form
or have a look over here.

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