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Winckelmannstrasse 6
01069 Dresden
Phone: +49 - 351 - 478 50-0
Fax: +49 - 351 - 478 50-99

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Dresden is situated in the middle of the touristic routes from our guests from all over the world!
Berlin - Dresden - Prag or the other way around Nürnberg - Dresden - Prag,
Hamburg - Dresden - Prag this are just a few of them.
And no matter how you come to Dresden wether with the car, the motor-cycle, the air-plane, the railway or with the bicycle, Dresden is situated right in the centre of it.
And Dresden becomes more beautiful and is more attractiv every day. The wounds of the war and the socialistic era are healing more and more.
Even though there is still a lot of space in the centre of the city, which becomes obvious with every new building and every alteration. Therefor more and more tourists realize that one day and one night are not enough to explore Dresden!
There is the historical old city with the wonderful museums like the two Green Vaults in the castle, perhaps the most impressive of the world. There is the World Heritage Elbe Valley within the city and the wonderful surroundings with the Saxon Swize and the old city Pirna, the city Meißen, the "Lößnitztal" and the Moritzburg Castle, the vine-growing on the river Elbe and round about and the countryside "Oberlausitz" with the old city Bautzen.
Just unique and love worthy like the people of that region.
In addition to that comes the incomparable infra-structure with its modern trams and buses through the city and surroundings, the railway/-road "S-Bahn", the nearness to the airport "Klotzsche" and the motorways A4 and A17 which reaches almost into the city.

Look and see! Kommen Sie und staunen Sie!


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